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Improve cash flow and collect fees by Direct Debit

Written by UKWDA Admin on 24 July 2013

The UKWDA has partnered with First Capital Cashflow - Digital Debit to offer members the ability to collect fees by direct debit in a simple, secure and professional manner. 

What fees can I collect using Digital Debit? 

Direct debit can collect fixed or variable agreed amounts so it’s well suited to collect any recurring service fees such as: 

  • Web design instalments
  • Hosting services
  • SEO
  • PPC management
  • CRO services
  • Email platform licences
  • Software licence fees
  • Social media management

What are the benefits?

Improved cash-flow, streamlined credit control and reduced debtor days. Automating the collection of payments means you have a better idea of what money’s hitting your account month on month and saves you chasing payment so you can concentrate on the revenue generating activities to help you grow your business. 

Collecting by direct debit is proven to improve customer loyalty and retention. It makes a client’s life easier as they do not have to manually settle invoices and usually they review service provision less often than they would when settling by other means.

Is it easy to set up?

Yes, after a brief application process you'll be up and running within 7 days. You’ll have access to an online client portal, telephone support and the ability to set up direct debits via email, over the phone, through your website or face-to-face – all managed under your own brand. We also provide full reporting and reconciliation on any unpaid or cancel direct debits.

Can't I just manage this through my bank?

Many SMEs are unable to acquire the required sponsorship in to the direct debit scheme via their bank (a Service User Number). Typically SME’s that have been trading for less than three years or have a turnover of less than £3m will be unable to obtain the sponsorship from a bank in order to collect payment from customers by direct debit.

However, even with sponsorship a business still has to then either mange processing  via a paper based channel with their bank which can be very cumbersome (going against the advantages of direct debit in the first place), or alternatively invest and implement expensive and approved processing software which can make direct debit as a collection tool non viable.

Why First Capital Cashflow?

They're one of the longest standing BACS approved Bureaux in the UK and have developed their systems and processes in line with client requirements and the 21st century. The set up process, service features and fee structure have all been developed in line with the digital sectors requirements making it perfect for web designers and marketers alike.

What discount do I get?

Basic Members

  • £350 set-up (£150 saving)
  • £1.00 per new customer setup
  • Discounted processing fees of 0.95%

Premium Members (Upgrade) 

  • £250 set-up (£250 saving)
  • £1.00 per new customer setup
  • Discounted processing fees of 0.85%


Would you like to collect your fees by Direct Debit?

Existing UKWDA members can claim their offer here. If you'd prefer to discuss the options further please call First Capital Cashflow on 0808 159 1417. Be sure to let them know you're a UKWDA member.

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