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Top 10 Reasons to use an online form

Written by Wufoo on 09 September 2013

1. Forms are easy

It’s simple. Building an online form into your website will make your life infinitely easier. Gone are the days of wasting precious time sending multiple emails to customers for information. Don’t clog inboxes, save your sanity and let an online form do the information collecting for you.

2. Forms are fast

Save time. When you have the added punch of an online form doing the work for you, guess what? You’ve got time to do other important stuff. Like run your business, figure out more ways to keep your customers happy, take the dog out for a walk…All that good stuff is yours to do and more, thanks to a simple form.

3. Forms keep it fun

Just because you’re working with forms and data, doesn’t mean you have to do it without personality and style. Avoid the canned email, give Mother Nature a break and ease up on the paper. Why not give your users the freedom to share their information with you at their convenience, quickly and fuss-free?

4. Forms are flexible

Would you send a soldier into battle alone? We didn’t think so. Don’t let your forms be stand-alone pages—cut to the chase and embed them right into your website. Do the same with your blog, email newsletter or even your Facebook page. 

5. Forms are portable

Wherever you have an Internet connection, you have access to the data that your forms collect. Sounds pretty great to us.

6. Forms help you understand

Your data is pretty useless if you have no way of organizing and understanding it. If you’re looking for ways to filter through entries, create reports, and build graphs based on your collected data, then you might want to consider relying on an online form.

7. Forms play nice with your website

Hosting a form on your own site is important. Keeping the brand and theme of your business consistent is important for a seamless user experience. When considering online forms, it’s a good idea to choose a platform that offers easy copy/paste solutions for integration with your website. 

8. Forms keep you organized

Data normalization. That’s a good thing. When users are filling out an online form, you’ll be getting standardized information as well as the feedback you need to make actionable decisions. 

9. Forms are responsive

Businesses depend on the ability to react quickly to the leads and registrations gathered from forms, but unless you have a global presence, you don’t always have your eyes on the computer screen. Online forms can be set up so you can receive emails, text messages or even a secure RSS feed to help keep you updated on the latest inquires. Should be music to your ears.

10. Forms are affordable

Desktop software, outsourced programmers and even internal IT and administrative staff all cost money. Usually lots of it too. With an online form building platform, give your wallet a break and save yourself the headache so you can spend the time you need on more important things. Like rocking that awesome website of yours.

Online forms. They’re the fast, easy solution—and they’re pretty fun too! 


This message was brought to you by Wufoo Online Form Builder

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