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The WordPress guide for small businesses

Written by Rob Toledo on 14 September 2012

Understanding the ins and outs of WordPress is essential for today's web designer. More and more businesses are interested in using WordPress because it's free, easy to use, and gives business owners power to manage their own sites. As a web designer, it's important to understand how you can give professional help to business looking to set up a WordPress site. Below are three tips for getting better acquainted with your client's WordPress needs.

1. Themes

WordPress has more than 1,500 themes, or designs, to choose from. With so many theme options to choose from, it can be tempting to pick one of the first few you see and throw in the towel. You can help your client avoid this frustration by presenting theme recommendations that are specific to business sites. By narrowing down the list to 50 or so themes, it will be easier for your client to make a theme decision, and it ensures your client is choosing themes that are all business appropriate.

2. Plugins

Choosing a theme is a cakewalk next to narrowing down a list of plugins. There are over 21,000 WordPress plugins, but like themes, there are fewer that are business specific. Ask your client for any plugin requests, and conduct your own research on other plugins that the business could benefit from.

3. SEO

Google loves WordPress, because WordPress provides great search engine optimization (SEO) perks from the moment you build your site. Understanding your client's SEO goals (i.e. keyword ranking) is important, because it will determine how you need to tweak WordPress to lend the best results.

WordPress is a great tool, but if you're going to provide your clients with WordPress sites that fit their specific needs, you need to know the ins and outs of WordPress well. Refer to the WordPress guide for small businesses below, created by Simply Business, for more information on using WordPress specifically for small business sites.


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