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10 Tips to promote your Google+ business page

Written by Hayley Reeve on 28 August 2012

Your social media business pages reflect your brand’s online reputation. So it is important to ensure that the running and promotion of these pages reflect well upon your business. We have seen many businesses adapt well to the different ways of promotion across major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, but what about Google Plus? Here are a few handy tips to help you understand how to promote your Google+ business page online.

1) Get followers

I know this sounds obvious. Almost every social platform seems to gauge the success of their business by the amount of fans or followers they have. But within Google+, as a business page, you are unable to add people to your “circles”unless they add you first. A good way to encourage followers is to simply ask. Promote your Google Plus page wherever possible. Design an “Add us to your circles!”button and promote this to improve your reach. 

2) Promote with Google+ Badges

Badges work because with just one click users can +1 your page and add you to their circles on Google+ without ever having to leave your website. Adding a Google Plus Badge from the  developers page here: has added functionality that also makes your website eligible for Google+ Direct Connect.

3) Add your Google+ page to your sitelinks

Did you know that it is possible to add your Google+ Business page to your websites sitelinks? Sitelinks are the links to websites inner pages that sometimes appear under Google results. Sitelinks are there to help your users navigate your website more easily. By making your Google Plus business page a sitelink you are increasing its prominence and providing an easy shortcut so people are more likely to visit your Google+ page. 

4) Share what’s important

The only real way to get people to want to visit your page is to give them a good reason. Posting engaging content regularly is one of the most important tactics for any successful social media campaign. Study what appeals to your followers closely, then simply “rinse and repeat” Not only will it keep them coming back for more but if they find something really great they may even share it with their circles of friends. Which leads us on to our next tip...

5) Encourage sharing of your content

If you haven’t noticed the correlation between your “social reach”and the amount of followers you have gained then there is something very wrong with your businesses social media campaign. When people share your content, it becomes available to each of their followers too. This improves your brand’s reach and creates an awareness of your Google+ business page. Holding competitions that are centered around sharing your content, particularly within your followers own Circles, is one of the best ways to do this. Ask your followers to also encourage their followers to do the same thing. You can then use the Google+ “Ripple” feature to measure who made the biggest ripples and announce them as the winner. 

6) Use Ripples to identify influencers

To view your Google+ Ripples you need to simply click on the top right of any public post you make and then click on “View Ripples”. Ripples is an interactive graph that provides an 'at-a-glance' insight into any public shares made on public posts within Google Plus. Your post must have been shared for any ripples to be created. By studying your Ripples you can see how any posts you have made have spread across Google Plus, and more importantly, who is actually sharing your content. The people that share your content regularly are known as your major brand influencers. Its good practice to create a Circle just for them as a starting point, then build on and watch your community and reach grow from here. 

7) +Mentions are like @mentions

Google Plus uses +Mentions. This works in the same way the @mentions work within Facebook and Twitter. To +mention somebody then you need to simply write +{username} replacing with the name of the person or company you wish to mention. By mentioning others your post will appear in the search results for them on Google Plus. This gives your posts a further reach and ultimately helps to drive traffic back to your page.

8) Enable Social Extensions in Adwords

Another way to get more exposure for your business is to enable social extensions. Social extensions will allow you more exposure by linking your Adwords campaigns to your Google +1’s. You should also then gain an increase in your Adwords campaign click-through rates of up to 10% as everyone who +1’s your website will show up on your ads. You can set this up easily by going to your Adwords account and clicking on the “ad extension” tab within your campaign. 

9) Host Hangouts for customers

Google+ Hangouts are video conversations that can be enabled with a click. Hangouts are a great way to have more personal conversations with your followers. You can use them for many different purposes but a few good ideas to get started are: Customer service Hangouts which should be hosted at regular times so customers can ask questions and receive direct answers, product demos, live courses for training and even business seminars. 

10) Promote your page across other platforms

If you are successfully operating pages for your business across other social media platforms then use them to promote your Google+ business page. If your company produces a newsletter then add your page here too. Infact, you should include it wherever your digital signature is provided such as company emails, online catalogues and business listings to gain maximum exposure.

Author Bio: Hayley Reeve is a Search Analyst and Online Marketing Strategist at Silkstream - A UK based web agency who currently manage numerous successful ecommerce websites for their clients.

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